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The ProjectX chapter under Video/MPEG at the projects page has been extended and include now more details and links.


I've added a new item about Video/MPEG to the projects page. Currently it only includes information (Links, description and a short Flash demo) about the Tool ProjectX.


I've added a new item about Apache2 to the projects page. It includes a description how to setup Apache2, PHP, MySQL on eComStation (OS/2). Unfortunately I don't have enough time to fully translate the installation description.

The REXX script to install MySQL 5.0.x has been updated. You can find it in the section Projects --> REXX-Scripts.


After a small change in the sourcecode of the Java Movie Database I was able to speed up the import of certain files by a factor up to 21, so I released Beta3 today.

The release was actually scheduled for the last weekend, but there were some things that I also wanted to include. Finally I discovered another error in the IMDb List files, so I had to implement a workaround.

More details can be found on the project website: Java Movie Database


Finally it's ready! The second beta of the Java Movie Database v1.35 has been released! There are several improvements both as bugfixes as well as optimization of queries to MySQL. The PDF export has also been improved. The iText (Free Java PDF library) has been added to the JMDB installation package so it's no longer needed to install it manually.

More details can be found on the project website: Java Movie Database


In the last couple of days I implemented some general extensions (based on the Open-Xchange v0.8.2 sourcecode) that will be used in the JBMSync project. It is a new replacement (./src/com/openexchange/webdav/ that should also be useable with Open-Xchange v0.8.0-6 and previous versions (only OX v0.8.2 has been tested).

The extension (the sourcecode) will be available for download within a day under the project JBookmark-Sync (short JBMSync). The published part doesn't include JBMSync calls, which partly exist, to prevent additional class dependencies (as long as JBMSync is not ready).

The current changes are related to the current Live Bookmark functionality made available by Open-Xchange and the documentation of the sourcecode:


Here are some PreRelease informations about the Open-Xchange Vaction message and Extensions of the new VFP Data Converter (VFPDC).


The picture of the Open-Xchange Vacation Message configuration frontend (see Projects -> Open-Xchange -> Vacation message) has been added.


In opposition to the anouncement from June 12, I've changed two more things.


The sorting of the projects has been changed and the main project Open-Xchange has been added where you can find two extensions. The sourcecode will be available later. Currently I don't have enough time to finish the packages.

The next change will be on the Java Movie Database website, where I wanted to release the second beta version last month. I need a complete day to finish the release (Final test, package creation, website update,...).


The Donation page has been finalized and Advertisement blocks have been added.

Some information displayed on the webpages are new textelements. Those are for example the donation request on the left side, the advertisement and also the footer at the bottom of the page.

Beside the textelements the date when the page has been updated ('Last update: ...), which is on top of all pages, will be updated automatically from now on and should be correct.


I began to add Dublin Core information to all HTML files on this website.

I also translated some more paragraphs at the About me section. It's still not complete but now you can read some details about the german dual way training, how long it takes and what you have to do to get the title of IT specialist with the main focus on Software Development (free translation of 'Fachinformatiker mit dem Schwerpunkt Anwendungsentwicklung').


Today I was finally able to update the OS2INFO project a little bit. As a result the first public version is available after round 2 years not touching the source. The package includes the executable and the Virtual Pascal sourcecode (GPL). More details are available on the project page.


The source of the VFP Data Converter has been added as direct download.

The project Bookmark-Synchronizer (BMSync) has been renamed to Java Bookmark-Syncronizer (JBMSync). There are to many projects around which are called BMSync or BMS.

Another new addition is a project called OS2INFO which has been added to the project page. This program has been developed in 2004 and was ment as information supplier for a OS/2 version of phpSysInfo. Because some information is still missing or I'm not satisfied with the result (e.g. Uptime query) there is currently no modified version of phpSysInfo available here. OS2INFO has been written using Virtual Pascal and uses REXX. More details are available on the project page.

The PayPal donation page is still missing.


I'll will post some details on the latest changed as I've some time to do it. You may notice that most of the unfinished links have been removed or filled with documents but I'm not yet finished.

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