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I've made some smaller updates to the Smartphone/PDA project page (see Projects --> Smartphone/PDA). Unfortunately I've still a problem with the FinchSyncSWClient. The Socket connection dies very fast. I still hope to find a solution but currently my final year project keeps me busy.


Added a call to participate in the constitutional complaint against storing communication data for a longer period of time (see The banner is only shown if you start on the german main page!


Released second public version of the Eclipse Enabler package (see Eclipse Enabler) based on SWTSwing and Eclipse on Swing (EOS). This version is starting Eclipse much faster (needs only half of the time now) and includes several smaller fixes. It allows eComStation and OS/2 users to run the Eclipse IDE v3.2.2 without an existing SWT port using plain Java Swing!

Beside the above update I also added a first test version of the Azureus4eCS package (see Azureus4eCS) for eComStation and OS/2. It allows eComStation and OS/2 users to run Azureus on their choosen platform. It is based on a normal Azureus v2.5.0.4 version which has been patched a extended a little bit to run with Java 1.4.x (Retroweaver did help a lot) and is also using SWTSwing to work with plain Java Swing.
Please note that this version only received minimal testing, so there are most likely more issues than I wrote into the bug file which is part of the package you can download.


Released first public version of the Eclipse Enabler package (see Eclipse Enabler) based on SWTSwing and Eclipse on Swing (EOS). With this package eComStation and OS/2 users can run the Eclipse IDE v3.2.2 without an existing SWT port using plain Java Swing!


This evening I'll update the screenshots of the FinchSyncSW Client (see Projects --> Smartphone/PDA). The GUI is completed to 95%, so only some changes due to the synchronisation process might occur. The settings of the different FinchSync server are stored and will be read when you start the application. It's possible to edit the settings. The multi-language support currently covers english and german (changing the language requires to restart the application).

This weekend I may release a public test version. The point is to check which of the PDAs and Smartphones can connect and communicate via Bluetooth/GPRS with the FinchSync-Server. At first only the login to the server will be tested and not the synchronisation. Your data (Contacts/Appointments) won't be touched and are not in danger.

The FinchSyncSW Client has been tested or will be shortly using the following devices or emulators:

Beside the FinchSyncSW Client the JBookmark-Sync (JBMSync) page (see Projects --> JBookmark-Sync) will be updated shortly. Downloading of the sourcecode should be possible this weekend.


I've added the language switcher now to all pages. It allows you to switch between the german and the english page.

I've also added one of my latest projects the FinchSyncSW Client application (see projects page --> Smartphone/PDA). This is a synchronisation client for PDA and Smartphones (contacts and appointments). The main target platform are PalmOS powered devices, but it may later also work with Pocket PC, Windows Mobile and Symbian powered devices.

Finally I'm about to update the JBookmark-Sync (JBMSync) framework page where the latest sourcecode will also be released. The latests prototypic for Open-Xchange is also included in this package. The extended and fully documented Bookmarks class will allow you to sync your Mozilla/Netscape bookmarks with the Open-Xchange (OX) server using a batch script (a basic script for Mozilla based browsers on Windows is also included). There are several fields not covered in OX so some information will get lost. JBMSync itself supports all important information, so you have to extend Open-Xchange to cover additional Bookmark data.


I've added a language switcher to some of the pages. It's using JavaScript and allows you to switch between the german and the english page. It will be added in the next couple of weeks to all pages.

I've also updated the Apache2, PHP, MySQL,.. setup guide which can be found in the project section. The update only includes the english translation which is now 80% done and some typos.


I've added a port of FCrackZip for eComStation (eCS) and OS/2 to the ports section of my projects (see projects page --> Ports).


In the last couple of days I implemented some general extensions (based on the Open-Xchange v0.8.2 sourcecode) that will be used in the JBMSync project. It is a new replacement (./src/com/openexchange/webdav/ that should also be useable with Open-Xchange v0.8.0-6 and previous versions (only OX v0.8.2 has been tested).

The extension (the sourcecode) is available under the project JBookmark-Sync (short JBMSync). The synchronization is not yet completed.

The current changes are related to the current Live Bookmark functionality made available by Open-Xchange and the documentation of the sourcecode:

A more detailed description can be found at the Readme.txt file included in the download package.


I've updated the JMDB_Releasedates REXX-Script (see projects page --> REXX-Scripts). There are now more HTML special characters replaced and the script will now ignore special releases such as "Festival", "Filmfest", "director's cut" and "premiere". The problem was that the movie Sunshine (2007) did show up at least seven times because some major cities in Germany did show it on their "Filmfest".


There has been a small update of the used stylesheets to diplay sourcecode in a special box. This change is visable in the projects REXX-Scripts and the configuration of Apache2.

Because there isn't much time until I have my deadline (only one month to go) for the project JBookmark-Sync (JBMSync) there will be an update in the next week or so. The synchronization is not yet fully implemented but it's possible to use the JBMSync-Components to create a bookmark converter. The test class is already using it this way. It's also possible to download the bookmarks stored in the groupware in Netscape (Mozilla) and Opera bookmark formats.


I've released a REXX-Script (see projects page --> REXX-Scripts) which allows you to extract movie data within a certain timeframe. The script generates a partial HTML table.

An example how it looks like is available here: Cinema program

The data will be imported one of my other projects, the Java Movie Database (JMDB). The data made available by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) will be extracted from MySQL tables by this script.


There has been some progress on the project JBMSync and also the VFP Data Converter (VFPDC). I hope to be able to release some updates on the website about these programms soon.

Beside those updates there will be the finale release of the Java Movie Database (JMDB) v1.35. Several new languages have been added recently and the progress made with the last open beta version will also be included.

Finally you may have noticed that there have been added some subfolders to the Projects section. Those subfolders will be filled with information shortly. It will start with an up-to-date port of SQLite for OS/2 and eComStation (eCS). More ports will hopefully follow in not to distant future.

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