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Updated Subsonic package and script to list current movies shown at the cinema

I've updated the Subsonic project (see Webapps) and added a Subsonic v3.60 final package including the extended search.

I also began working to integrate the extended search back into Subsonic v3.70 beta1 but as a lot of internal changes have been made it's a lot of work to get it integrated again. Yesterday I've already spent 4 hours getting the patches working and also modifying my code to use the new search functionality/displaying the results. It's still not completed.

The REXX script to generate a list of current movies shown at the cinemas has been updated to version 1.5. Beside some small update on the HTML handling of special characters nothing has been changed. The script can be found at the project section (see REXX).


Updated some links and FinchSync updates

Updated the links to the CinemaxX movie theaters in Germany after they changed their website. I also updated the download information about the Total Cross PDA/Smartphone Virtual Machine as the developer decided to offer it over his own website.

I've invested some time into the FinchSync project which has been released as Open Source application in February this year on Sourceforge (FinchSync on The project has been completely moved to the Subversion repository at Sourceforge by Markus Rahlff (at first CVS was used). I began creating UML diagrams for the FinchSync project which are available on this website, but will be moved to the Subversion repository when I get write access.
Visual Paradigm for UML Suite has been used to create the UML diagrams. For the moment the links to the diagrams (as SVG, PNG and in Visual Paradigms VPP format) can be found in the FinchSync forum.


My webserver will be moved shortly and the JMDB package has been refreshed!

The provider hosting this website is moving the complete server farm to the new computing center. In the night from 18th February to 19th February 2009 (CET) my server will be affected by this task.

As all of my projects (including the JMDB packages) are stored on this server there will be problems accessing this website and downloading files until they have completed that task. Please excuse this inconvenience. Many thanks in advance!

A refreshed version of the JMDB v1.36 release is now available. The only things changed between the first release and this one are two more language files for Chinese mainland and Taiwan.
You don't have to update if you don't need the Chinese language files. You'll find more information about this project on the Java Movie Database website.


Added a new project section and updated some projects

I've added a new project section for web applications. So far only the my work on Subsonic can be found there but I'll update this section with older and upcoming JEE projects in the future.

There has also been some information update on the Streamtastic backport. Now I know why the JTables isn't updated on eComstation (eCS) and OS/2. The Streamripper port available for eCS is too old and doesn't output the download status to std-out. I've tried a quick port with my outdated GCC 3.3.5 build environment on eComStation but failed at the glib >=2.12/2.14 requirement. As I didn't want to spend to much time on it I'm going to ask someone else to do it.

Finally I've updated the Java Movie Database (JMDB) application to version 1.36! This new version fixes a bug with the aka-titles and also includes updated startup scripts. On the entry page you'll also see an updated information on the IMDb data development since end of 1999. You'll find all information on the Java Movie Database website.

The cinema program list, that can be accessed on the menu has also been updated. Now every Thursday it'll be updated again with the movies released in Germany. The updated REXX script reading the information from the JMDB database has also been updated and is available at the projects section.


Updated project page and links

I've updated the project page and added some information about Streamtasic and the alternative FinchSync client project. Some links have also been updated.


More about FinchSync, SuperWaba/TotalCross and Streamripper

Within the last few days I was able to fix the breaking network connection problem I had in the past with my alternative FinchSync client. The work has been recognized by Volker Zota and has been named in an issue of the c't Magazine (well known German computer magazine) last year, while I was still working on my final year project.

My alternative FinchSync client was and still is based on SuperWaba but I also ported my code to the new TotalCross release (see last weeks news). As the PIM functionality (access to the address book, calendar,..) in TotalCross is currently missing I'm going to continue using Superwaba, but the transition to TotalCross will follow as soon as possible.

TotalCross has a new licensing model as I already wrote last week. Here are finally some more details!
In the past the SuperWaba Virtual Machine was available for free to the end-user and the developer had to buy a pretty expensive license for closed source applications. This is no longer the case. The TotalCross VM/Litebase licenses are per device (bound to it using the serial number of the device)! As TotalCross can't be ordered at the moment I asked the licensing department of the TotalCross developer for details which I got. As I think no big firm needing >100 licenses is reading this, here is only the price of TotalCross for 1-100 licenses (as of 2009-01-21):

You can get a license after the official TotalCross release at RegSoft which should link you to Simtel. I'm pretty sure some of you know this website.
In the meantime a direct registration link is available at the SuperWaba website (see "buy" link at the top right).

Finally I also have an update on Streamtastic. I did get an email from Joachim Lippold, who is working with his brother on Streamtastic (actually the Icecast Streamtastic branch). I sent them the complete Netbeans 6.5 sourcecode directory with my modifications so I hope they will be added into the project. I'll add the download links of my Streamtastic version and the complete source package on my project pages (see menu) if anyone is interested.


Finally some interesting news

I've been asked to take a look at the application Streamtastic (a frontend for Streamripper). This month I've changed and extended (e.g. Look'n'Feel can be selected now) it a little bit. Now it is also running with Java 1.4 and 1.5 as I did backport the code. I need to take a look on some smaller things, but it is already usable. That bad thing is I wasn't able to get in contact with the author yet (no reply to my E-Mail), so I can't say if my changes will make it into the offical sourcecode. The program will be available shortly on my ports page (including the modified sourcecode).

As it seems Mr. Rahlff will release FinchSync shortly as open source. I've also used the time and took a closer look at the recently (this week) released TotalCross (TotalCross Wiki). I was able to migrate the sourcecode of my alternative FinchSync client on one evening from SuperWaba to TotalCross and ran a few tests. The old problem with the breaking connectionen is still there, but as the FinchSync sourcecode will be available shortly I think I'll will be able to solve it.

There is another small problem I want to mention. The licensing has been changed for TotalCross. A user needs to buy for each of his devices a license of the TotalCross Virtual Maschine. There are currently no informations about the pricing. On the other hand the SDK and also the database Litebase are free to be used. The database is very interesting for me. Maybe there will be a "JMDB-Mobile" later based on TotalCross.

Here the most interesting information about TotalCross.
Supported platforms:


Happy new year

There will be several project updates within the next few weeks and some of the web pages will be updated.

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