Last update: 2018-06-17
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The Mailfilter or Serverside filter (SSF) allows to filter incoming messages using Procmail. Because it has to react on different keywords a complex configuration file has to be created for each user. This configuration file will be generated by the extension described here.

The extension supports forwarding a message to another E-Mail address, deleting or moving message into existing mail folder.

Normally it has to parse special comment lines in the procmail configuration file but the version here has been extended to support the normal procmail lines as well. Because this feature hasn't been tested very well and the HTML generator doesn't handle all possible combinations there is some work you have to do if you really need the extended parser functionality.

As said above the parser only needs to parse the comment lines that start with "###". Those lines contain all information needed to forward or move/copy the incoming messages.

In the current version the extension supports German and English out of the box. To translate it into other languages it should be enough to create an ServerSideFilter_<iso-langcode>.html file and to edit the Open-Xchange file with the textelements for your language.

The following screenshot shows the configuration interface embedded into the Open-Xchange Webmail interface.

Serverside filter in the Webmail options (english)

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