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OS2INFO is a program written in Virtual Pascal and allows to read details of the system. I began working on this program in 2004 while I was looking for a program to show the current system details on a website. I knew a project called phpSysInfo which is available for Unix systems and which can display those system details.

Because there was no current version available for OS/2 and a lot of details where missing by the available OS/2 version of phpSysInfo (which also uses a bunch of apps instead of one or two) I began working on the OS2INFO project that could deliver the missing information.

The list of currently supported functions is quite large but there are some things that may need some tweaking.

If someone is going to modify the code, PLEASE report back the changes so I can update my version too!

Here is a sample screenshot showing some of the system details...
OS2INFO in action

List of supported features:

Here is a list of features that are not implemented or need some work:

The program is distributed under GPL license.

Many thanks go to the following individuals which provided some functions used in my applications. More details can be found in the sourcecode.


Download OS2INFO v0.41 [2006-06-01]

OS/2 and eCS eCS ZIP package (68 KB) Download

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