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VFP Data Converter

With the VFP Data Converter data stored in Excel/OpenOffice Calc tables and textfiles using different separators can be converted into other formats. The program allows executing own code (Visual FoxPro code) after the data has been internally saved and before it will be exported again into the defined export format.
To import EXCEL data MS-Office (tested with Office XP/2002) has to be installed and to import data from OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice (tested with OpenOffice v1.1.4 on WindowsXP) has to be installed.

Import formats currently supported:

Export formats currently supported:

Several example definitions to convert data from one format into another are delivered with the program (e.g. Thunderbird v1.0 addressbook [TAB-separated] to Open-Xchange contacts or WinProvex to Open-Xchange calendar).

The program itself is still in a testing stage. If the program is reinstalled the import and export definitions will be overwritten.

Beside the convert tasks the program will also work as WebDAV-Client for the Open-Xchange (OX) Groupware System. To choose the right OX-Folder from all available folders the user is able to call a selection dialog. This will simplify selecting the correct folder!

The WebDAV part of the application allows:

The program is distributed as dual license. There is an extended version available which is limited in the number of starts and a GPL (open source) version where some functions from the extended version are missing.

Please donate, so I'm able to extend the program further. So far a huge amount of my free-time has gone into this program but I can't do this forever without your help.
I'm also creating definitions for the import and export which allow you to convert one format to another. You can do it yourself but if you don't want to do it or have problems you can contact me!

Technical details:
The application has been written using Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 and uses MS-XML4 to handle XML und HTTP requests. The used Installer of the application is InnoSetup. The InnoSetup installation script is provided with the GPL source archive.

Currently the program is only available with a german user interface. There are plans to add multi-language support but I need some time to do it. If you are interested in a version in your language compose and send an E-Mail.

Extended version (Donation-Ware)

Download Extended VFPDC version 0.61 [2006-03-28]

Windows Windows EXE package (10,5 MB) Download

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Open-Source version

Download Open-Source VFPDC version 0.60p [2006-01-19]

Windows Windows EXE package (10,2 MB) Download

zip ZIP package with the sourcecode and installer script(430 KB) Download
Major parts of the sourcecode are stored in binary files.
You need to have MS Visual FoxPro 9 installed to open and view those binary files!
Some files are not included in the source package (VFP9 Runtime, MS-XML files,...): Show list

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If you want to support the development you can » donate!